La Luz Especial Cans

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4-pack of 16oz cans. 4.1% ABV

Mexican-style light lager has been a go-to for a lot of us as long as we can remember. Icy cold from the bottom of a cooler at a BBQ, a frosty mug or can at a bar to chase that shot of tequila, or a big can from the convenience store cooler after a hard day of work. These beers are the ultimate definition of crisp and refreshing.

We brewed La Luz Especial with a simple base of pilsner malt and corn and then hopped it with Motueka for its awesome tropical lime character. Fermented with a strain of yeast originating in Mexico, it was then lagered for weeks in one of our horizontal tanks.

We’re leaving the additions of a wedge of fresh lime or a sprinkle of salt up to you, but we’re definitely going to be making a few Micheladas with it this weekend.

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